Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Bitcoin ATM Program and becoming a Bitbox Partner

How do i get started ?

By either booking a phone consultation or submitting our contact form. Someone from our team of dedicated consultants will be glad to speak with you about getting the process started of owning a Bitcoin ATM Business. Reach out to us today!

Am I investing in Bitcoin ?

No. You are not investing in bitcoin. When someone buys bitcoin from your machine, they are receiving it from your bitcoin wallet which is then replenished from an exchange at that moment. You are only purchasing bitcoin to sell, not to hold for investment.

Is the volatility of Bitcoin bad ?

Quite the opposite. This business profits from the buying and selling of bitcoin. Volatility produces excitement within the Cryptocurrency world. The more buying and selling the better. Also note: You are not investing in bitcoin itself so you are not at risk of its volatility.

Is there work involved with bitbox ?

Very little. Bitbox sets up your business and the machines pretty much run themselves. You simply log onto your account to view how much your machines are making and transfer funds from time to time. 

Do i need experience or skills ?

Bitbox’s partner program and on-going support makes it easy to operate this business. We teach you everything you will need to know and our team helps you succeed in the implementation of your business. No experience is necessary.

do i need to live near my machines ?

If you would like to empty the cash from your machines, we will place them within serviceable distance to your home. Otherwise, Bitbox’s armored truck service affiliates can handle this for you.

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